Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding in the Park

On May 13th, Sandra Berthuis and Doug Hilborn were married on the shore of Yellowstone Lake with immediate family in attendance. Doug is my fellow photo guide. Our third photo guide, Wim, and I were asked to be the photographers. Neither of us is a wedding photographer and were a bit nervous with the assignment but assured ourselves that with two of us, we ought to manage at least some successful shots.


Members of the Lake String Quartet played before and after the ceremony, then the full quartet entertained family in the Lake Hotel Sunroom while Wim and I photographed the bride and groom outside.

I haven't had time to carefully sort through yet, but this is a sample. The weather cooperated. At the time to head down from the hotel we had a brief thundershower and wondered what was going to happen, especially to the string trio who had agreed to play. I loaded the bride and the families into the historic yellow bus and we headed down. We only had to wait a few minutes for the sun to break through. With dark clouds across the Lake and sun on our site, it could not have been better.

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