Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays.  May you find joy and peace during this season and all through the new year.

Another year has flown by.  I hope yours was a good one, although I know we all hit bumps, detours, and obstacles along the way.  I look forward to hearing from many of you. This is the time of year I often get caught up on your lives, so please share.

My year included a return to Yellowstone to work as a photo guide and driver.  It was also a year in which photography played a major role.  I am involved again with the Diablo Valley Camera Club, of which Lin and I were founding members.  I had photos in three gallery shows; The aRt Cottage in Concord, the Moon Cafe in Locke, and ArtU4ia in Martinez, all small California galleries.  Chris and I hosted a weekend field trip to Fort Ross, the old Russian settlement on the coast of California as well as some one day trips.  Chris did far more, as I was often away from the area.

We spent a night at a light house B&B for Chris' birthday, I had a windy journey to Yellowstone and a great season there.  It was a wetter than normal season, creating many mornings with ground fog.  I have discovered I have an affinity for fog photography.  And, upon leaving Yellowstone, in the snow, on October 1, we traveled the route of the great Glacial Lake Missoula floods.  Chris joined me and routed the trip which took us through Missoula, the Camus Prairie, Lake Pend Oreille, the Palouse Country and Scablands of eastern Washington and Spokane.   

The big change for me is that I have bought into Park of the Sierras, a cooperative RV park, built by volunteers of the Escapees RV club. It is in the California foothills, on one of the routes to Yosemite, in what is know as Gold Rush country.   Does this mean I am giving up my meandering lifestyle?  Absolutely not!  I will still travel, and am going back to Yellowstone to live and work again next May-September.  But this gives me a home base which I have not had for 21 years.

You can see photos of all these adventures and read a bit more about them by clicking on the "older posts" at the bottom right of each page.  My blog puts the most recent post at the start.  You can move backwards through them to see earlier posts.  After reading a post, if you click on the first photograph in that section, you can see the photos, enlarged, as a slide show.