Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have had fun this summer doing some macro photography. Here are a few samples. Fall has arrived, blooms are quickly disappearing and snow will arrive soon.

Salsify is an exotic, i.e. not a native plant to this region. As such it is not revered by park naturalists, but it is beautiful to photograph and is not as invasive as some species which require digilent removal to save native plants.

Fringed Gentian is a native and is the official park flower. This beautiful bloosom is found in geothermal areas of the park and along many of its streams. Remember that you can click on any photo to enlarge it for better viewing.

Glacier Lilies are early season delights, often appearing while there is still snow on the ground. These were behind my motorhome in the employee RV park. Rain the night before added to the photos one day; and ant was the bonus on another.

A full view of the salsify seed head. It looks a dandelion, of which there are many in the park, but is over twice the size.

Shooting Stars are another early season flower, shortly after the Glacier Lilies. Delicate little blossoms are common in moist areas throughout the park. I spent a morning photographing these with my friend Ronnie Silver. Unfortunately I seem to have deleted those photos, which were even closer views. Somehow several files have disappeared including the ones I took that day and the ones in Meteetse a few days later with a group of friends from the park, standing with the exceedingly handsome cowboy chocolatier.

Bees on Cone Flower, a late summer bloom.

more views of Fringed Gentian

Despite two tutorial sessions on using "Adobe Lightroom" in Bozeman this summer, my skills are still limited. I didn't have time to practice after the sessions and lost most of what I learned. With time, I will be able to fix the bright yellow stem behind the flower here. But I am including it anyway.

And one final view of Fringed Gentian.