Monday, January 22, 2018


In January I felt like I had stepped back to the 1960's and early 70's when I marched in San Francisco and Arcata.  The period was my coming of age era.  In the course of one week in 2018, I attended two marches.

The remarks from the man in the White House regarding immigrants from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador pushed me to action.  On a foggy holiday Monday morning I joined a contingent from the Fresno Unitarian-Universalist Church for the Martin Luther King, Jr March in downtown Fresno. Our bright yellow hats stood our in the fog. 

Next was the  Women's March.   I missed the Women's March last year and was determined to lift my voice this time.  A group of women in my park formed a group last year to share our concerns, vent, write letters and emails.  In honor of  Elizabeth Warren, we wanted to be persisters.  But we also wanted a distinctive name for our closed Facebook page and we wanted to honor our solidarity as women.  So, we are the Purrsistahs.  Last week we had a sign making get-together and car pooled to Fresno, along with three great male supporters.

Here I am with some of our group.  We were early.   The grounds were packed before the speeches began.

The speakers represented the diversity of Fresno.  Latina, Black, Native American, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hmong, Anglo, lesbian and straight, victims of sexual harassment, and victims of childhood sexual violence,  young, middle-aged and elders.  The keynote speaker was a vibrant and young 87 year old Dolores Huerta.   She is eloquent and enthusiastic and after speaking, led the group on an approximately mile and a half march.   I'm not good at judging numbers.  Media used numbers from hundreds to over a thousand.  The over 1000 certainly seems closer to the reality.

A recent  refugee-immigrant from Syria, mother, wife who is making her way in her new home.
This young woman drummed and chanted as members of the local Native American community presented the colors and led an invocation.    The photo below includes one of the color bearers.

All ages
Dolores Huerta.   We headed out chanting !Si Se Puerde!

DiAnne, Barb and Marta cross a street on the parade route. Streets were not closed, so we crossed in sections
at crossing lights.   

And here are a few from the MLK, Jr March

Gathering before the march.  The U-U members are in yellow hats.

Love that men are standing up