Monday, September 1, 2014

Yellowstone 2014

I am back in Yellowstone, working as a photo guide.  After a two year break, it is good to be back.   This year I work out of Old Faithful rather than being the relief guide which meant living at Lake and doing the tour two days there and two days at Old Faithful while the other guides had their days off.  Now I simply work 5 days at Old Faithful except for substituting a couple of times at Lake.  

I wasn't sure how I would like this change but it has worked well.   Old Faithful can be hectic during the day, but  I am enjoying the tours on this side of the park.  I've located several new photo spots and of course, the best places to photograph change with the weather and the seasons. 

I haven't posted until now as the Internet situation in the park is slow, SLOW, SLOOOOWW.   But I am having a weekend away, have faster service so, while the text will be light, I've selected a few photos to share with you.   I am not putting captions, but all of them have been taken this year,  most from the west side of the park but a few from trips in other parts.   I especially love the weasel.  I was in Hayden Valley where a grizzly and her three cubs were feeding on a carcass.  But they were a long ways a way.  Suddenly this little weasel appeared.  I've only seen them a few times during my 5 seasons in the park, so getting a photo as well as seeing him\her during this brief appearance was a treat.  People around me could not understand my excitement.  Seeing a weasel is far more rare than seeing a grizzly in the park.  they were intent on the griz and cubs about 300 yards away.

I am also enjoying photographing the early morning steam, the fog, the geo-thermal features and the bobby-socks trees.  This has been an exceptionally wet year in Yellowstone so morning fog has been common.

Enjoy the photos.  You can click on to  enlarge or to view as a slide show.   Hopefully I will be able to do another update before the end of the season