Sunday, October 1, 2017

Cambridge to Edinburg

We landed in London but immediately took the train to Cambridge so Chris could attend the annual Battle of Britain exposition in nearby Duxbury.  I figured he would have more fun at that event talking to other enthusiasts of old planes and military strategy without me, so I opted to walk about Cambridge.  Beautiful day, glad  I wore my favorite walking shoes.   The following day, together, we did a punt ride along the route past many of the colleges.  Touristy, but delightful.

We have enjoyed the tradition of afternoon  tea, accompanied by all manner of delightful baked goods....good thing we are walking a lot.

I will load some photos now, but think I will hold on detailed until I get home and have both a larger keyboard and easier access to loading and editing photos.  

Here are some from Cambridge,  You can see the weather was generally sunny.  Our small hotel was right next to the train station, convenient and delightful.