Friday, March 1, 2013

To Ketchikan

It's official.  I am headed to Ketchikan, Alaska for the summer.   I have been offered and have accepted a position as Naturalist for Allen Marine Tours.   You can check out the tours, even watch a short video by going to their web site at     Along the left will be a listing for their tours out of Ketchikan.  And once there, the pink camera icon near the top will give you a short slide show.

I won't be taking the motorhome, or the car.   I'll have an efficiency apartment for the summer, will walk and use public transit.  Ketchikan does not have many miles of pavement and is accessible only by air and sea.   Chris will keep an eye on my motorhome and use my car for weekend excursions as it gets far better mileage than his work car.   He will fly up to Ketchikan at some  point.  We are waiting until I have some sense of schedule, things to do, other logistics and then make plans.

I grew up on stories of Ketchikan.  My mother was a  SPAR, a member of the women's division of the Coast Guard during WWII.  She was stationed in Ketchikan and had many wonderful adventures, and appreciated the natural beauty and history of Ketchikan's peoples.