Monday, June 22, 2009

Yellowstone on the Solstice

It has been a rainy, cold spring here in Yellowstone National Park, but my new job, as a photo guide in one of the historic yellow busses is going well. What is not going so well my internet connection. The dial-up I used last summer is even slower this year, seldom allowing me to send or receive photos. I have just purchased a little Acer Notebook which I can run on either my Verizon aircard or wi-fi. But neither of those works at my RV site.

I am in Gardner, Montana having spent some time soaking my arthritic knee in the hot mineral waters of Chico Hot Spring in Paradise Valley north of the park. I am now seated in my car near the park entrance. I thought I would let everyone know I am alive and well. Sometime soon I will transfer a couple of Yellowstone photos from this year to my thumb drive and then take a drive to a place where my aircard works and load them on here.

This will have to suffice for today. It may be the first day of the days getting shorter, but it won't be noticeable for some time. I am counting on the day lasting today so I can look for wildlife on Dunraven Pass as I return home. And 4 a.m., my wake up time for the photo safaris comes so early it hardly matters what the sun is doing.