Sunday, July 17, 2011

Water and more water

Once summer arrived, the snows melted quickly creating the highest water levels in thirty years.

Here are two views of the falls, the first from the south side at Artist Point and the second from the North Rim. The rainbow only lasts for 15 minutes each morning and needs sunshine. It is always a question whether I will get through bison jams to see this event. The photos were taken on two different days off. In past years the rainbow has been narrower and more defined, but this year the volume of spray from the force of all that water falling 308 feet has created a more diffuse look.

This is a year round waterfall, but we have had plenty of seasonal falls this year, the year-round ones are bursting, creeks are overflowing, a couple side roads and the route for the stagecoaches are underwater. I take my guests by a picnic table which has water up over the benches. The table beyond it is totally submerged and not visible.
It is a great year for wildflowers. These edge a geothermal pool, one that isn't super hot, along the north shore of Yellowstone Lake.

I have been doing some work with a macro lens but find I didn't come to Old Faithful, where I have internet connection, with any of those shots on my thumb drive. I will have to add them at a later date.

Water levels don't impact the geysers, whose water comes from subterranean levels filled hundreds of years ago.
This is Pink Dome which I see go off occassionally.

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