Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bison and cars

This is why I avoid driving in the park at night if at all possible. Luckily the young lady driving is okay. Her airbags deployed and saved her. The bison was not so lucky, although death was instantaneous which was good. The hit head on as you can see by the horn holes in the car. She was not speeding, but even at the 45 limit here, if you come around a corner and the bison is there, you are in trouble.

Bison on the road are not too bad yet. Rut season usually begins in August and then park roads through Hayden and Lamar Valleys resemble LA freeways at rush hour. Except that commuters don't leave their cars, doors open, in the middle of the lane of traffic while they run out to get a photo. Enough to drive us tour drivers and other employees to tear out hair out.

Another, more recent collision killed another bison. The driver of the one-ton pick up and trailer was going over the speed limit.

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Don Peterson said...

Sad to hear of bison being killed for such a preventable reason.

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