Friday, April 3, 2009

Reflections on Marrakech

Marrakech was the ending point for part one of the Moroccan trip and the starting and ending point for the southern half. Since blog entries are getting a bit long, I'll do Marrakech by itself.

Fun, vibrant, historic, I found I could walk around in the medina here, shop in the souks, without getting lost. After Fes, that made this a relaxed stop where I could do some shopping and exploring without needing a guide. In Intrepid style, the whole group did not have to go together and it was enjoyable to wander with one or two people.
One of the fun things to do there is to go to Djemaa el-Fna. This square has for centuries been a gathering place where people hawk their goods by day and find entertainment at night. the evening the food vendors set up their tents and cooking stalls, hauling them out in carts from some storage area. Soon a huge area is filled with the scents of food cooking.
My second group, on the left consisted of our leader, Mohamad, Maryann from Australia, Ann, from Ohio, and Jeff from Michigan

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