Wednesday, April 15, 2009

blog glitches

I am discovering that the layout I give the blog is not necessarily how it looks once posted; not even on my own computer. But at least mine is close. I am getting some reports, and have now viewed it twice on other people's computers, that sometimes the photos overlap or have text on top of the photos.

I am not sure how to correct this as the compostion looks great as I do it. And while some of the photos get bounced about a little, my version has no lettering on photos nor overlapping photos.

I'd love to hear from folks. So far the three people I know who have overlaps use mozilla. Is that just coincidence? How about you folks who are using Google? And what about those of you with similar blog sites. How does my layout look and have you ever had reports of issues with your layout?

Big news is that I just bought myself a digital SLR. I've enjoyd the Sony Cybershot I bought a couple years ago and it was easy to travel with. But I think my new Nikon D-90 is going to be a joy. The view finder/screen are so bright and easy to see, I have a great depth of field button again, and greater control over depth of field, speed etc and a much quicker focusing system. BUT, its going to take a while to learn it. In just a bit over a month I will be taking folks out on photo safaris in Yellowstone.

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Fossillady said...

I think it looks great and I am having no problems view it. Just using IE and my google account here. No letters on top of picture, there is one spot where it looks like single letters between two picture but it is readable. I love looking at the pictures.

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