Friday, April 3, 2009


In Spain I saw people walking their dogs everywhere. When I got to Morocco I noticed few dogs, especially our first few days in cities. There is a good reason. In Moroccan cities people don't have yards. The inner courtyard of their house is part of their living space. People remove their shoes when entering the house and put on slippers. Dogs are not considered clean enough to be in the house.

So, one sees dogs in rural areas where they stay outside. Cats, on the otherhand are ubiquitous. One evening, a cat paw sneaked up onto the table in our outdoor cafe and snatched a shrimp off Mohamad's plate. Later I saw a kitten which Mohamad reached down, caught and handed me to hold. Spaying and neutering are not done, so there are plenty of cats and kittens and lots of torn-eared Tom's.

But the three cats that follow caught my attention and the lens of my camera. So here are Biker Cat, Cannon Cat (who is not at all concerned about being cannon fodder) and Scooter Cat.

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