Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Otavalo Market Day

I've devoted two blog postings to the market in Otavalo. I could add another one of streets scenes, but I think the two entries will suffice. Saturday is the big day and the blog of Feb 22, labelled Market covers the livestock market and produce market. These scenes of the Plaza de Poncho were taken on both Saturday and Sunday. There is always some activity in this plaza, which highlights some of the crafts of the region. Textiles are especially important.

And between markets, we enjoyed meandering about town. AnaMaria and Ted spent a couple days in Otavalo and then returned home while I stayed on for a bit.

Each town has its own distinctive dress. If you are knowledgeable you can tell where people come from at a glance. There is considerable pride in dress, arts, and beautiful, clean towns.

Traditional dress is more common with women than men however. Some men continue to wear the long hair, poncho and hat. Otavalan women wear blouses with lacy sleeves and colorful embroidery. Initially I didn't see the woman working on the other side of the hanging rugs, but she waved and smiled to catch my attention. Note the embroidery on her bodice. I have zoomed in a bit in this version and she is more noticeable.

At first I stayed in a small hostal overlooking Plaza de Ponchos. AnaMaria and Ted opted for one a bit more upscale and further from downtown. My room was clean and basic, but I ended up moving as it was probably the noisest place I have ever stayed. The first night wasn't bad, but the third night I was ready to kill the owners dog who cried for long periods of time in a high pitched squeal. People running up and down the stairs wasn't much better.
But the dining room pictured here was part of the delightful new accomodations, three times the price but still, at under $40.00 a night, a bargain by US prices. It is called La Posada del Quinde, or Inn of the Hummingbirds. Quinde is a Quechan word. Meals here were excellent.

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