Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Market Day

Saturday is market day in Otavalo, a largely indigenous city north of Quito. Every day there is activity in the Plaza de Ponchos, but on Saturdays it spills onto neighboring streets. Likewise the produce market, several blocks away has some activity each day with Saturday being the big day. But only on Saturdays does the large open area across the highway fill with livestock.

It was a grey, often drizzly day the Saturday I attended. It was hard to photograph in the poor lighting and with issues of keeping water spots off the lens, but here are a handful of photos to give you an idea of the activity.

Pigs, chickens, llamas, ducks, cows, rabbits and guinea pigs are part of the array. Yes, guinea pigs are eaten in this part of the world, no they don't taste like chicken, and yes, I ate guinea pig. The name is apt as I would describe the meat as more pork like than any other meat I can think of.

The scene immediately above,left, is the lovely road and bridge leading into town from the livestock market and the photo at the far right, bottom is from the produce market which is in another location but going on at the same time.

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