Sunday, January 30, 2011

hummingbirds and flowers

Here are some more pictures from the Cloud Forest region, which is west of Quito and a tiny bit north. The elevation is about half way between the coast and Quito, making it warmer and more humid, but not bad. The parrot liked my earrings.

Banana flower above. Below, check out the super tail and the slippered feet of the Booted Racquet Tail Hummingbird.

Orchids grow wild here.

When I see Hummingbirds in the states they are usually so territorial they don't allow anyone else at the feeder. Here we have three varieties feeding at the same time.

Our lodgings in Mindo afforded great views of hundreds of hummingbirds representing some of the dozens which live in Ecuador. I saw 7 different varieties, maybe more although I need to check a guide book to make sure of the additional ones and varify that it is another species and not female or young of one I know I saw. Another treat was a Black and White Owl.
I have a few in flight which I will post later on.


RV Mama said...

Incredibly beautiful and fascinating hummingbirds and flowers. Thank you for your fine eye and steady hand.
Alice Z

the tom and nancy roadshow said...

Yes, some great shots and I'm sure there are more on the disk. Hope you continue to enjoy the trip as we are reading about it. All's well in SoCal. Happy trails, tom and nancy

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