Friday, June 18, 2010

Spring in Yellowstone

Swainson's Hawk

It is a typical June in Yellowstone. Yesterday the high was 41F with a sharp wind that made it feel far colder. We had snow flurries all day. Today the sun is out, the morning was calm, although there is a slight breeze this afternoon, and folks are in shirtsleeves and shorts.

It was a mild winter in Yellowstone but spring has been wet. The snow is long since gone from the ground and Yellowstone Lake lost the last of its ice just over a week ago.

It is good to be back. This is my third season and the return is like coming home; warm greetings from all the people I met in the past years, familiarity with the place, stepping back into my job as photo guide/historic yellow bus driver.

I have no internet connection at my motorhome at Yellowstone Lake, where I am located most of the time. I am using my little Acer notebook on my days at Old Faithful, where my aircard works, to do my email. My schedule is to work at Old Faithful two days a week, followed by two at Lake and then a three day weekend. but I've not had a normal week yet due to some flaky new hires who quit (without notice, just skipped out in the night without telling anyone), some illnesses, and one pre-scheduled time -off so another driver could attend a family event. I've driven tours other than the photo tours, which meant some quick reading up on details of some of the geo-thermal features and history of the Lake Hotel.

However, I look forward to three days off beginning Sunday. My hair is shaggy and places to get it cut are distant. I also need a real grocery store, hardware store and place to get a few photos printed as examples of photo theories and tips.

This is the time of year of baby animals, roaring water in the falls, and the beginning of wildflower season. I'll transfer some of the photos from the larger laptop to this very portable device and get them posted for everyone to see within the next week to ten days. The only photos in this posting are of a Swainson's Hawk I saw on my drive from Lake to Old Faithful yesterday, the only images on my camera. I could have waited until everything was ready, but getting an update out on my whereabouts and activities seemed like a good idea, especially as a few of you have noted the long break since the last posting.

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Don said...

Yellowstone sounds like the place to be. Good to see your update.

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