Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice Gallery

Spring means baby animals in the park. Here a bison calf nurses behind steam from a geothermal feature.

morning along the Madison River \ right: Glacier Lily, one of the early blooms.

elk in velvet.  Antlers are grown each year by the males.  The velvet will come off and the antlers will be shiny and sharp by the rut season

Arnica Fire, Sept 2010 with new spring growth.

Across Yellowstone Lake with Lake Hotel on the shore

Another view of the Lake. The ice does not break up until early June, with some chunks along the north shore until the middle of the month

stormy day along the Firehole River, hot runoff from Midway Geyser Basin.

hot spring in Midway Geyser Basin. Stormy sky is the same storm which included lightening on the boardwalk at Old Faithful, striking\affecting visitors, none fatally fortunately.

Thermophiles, microscopic organisms grow in hot water in some of the springs and in the runoff. It creates large mats in variety of colors. This is a mat at Grand Prismatic, the spring with the largest surface area in the park, and third largest in the world. The two bigger ones are in New Zealand

Excelsior Geyser, which last went off in the mid 1980s, after being dormant since 1901.

Grizzly. this is probably a three year old female. She spent a couple of hours digging in this small area right next to the road. It was an extremely cold day, with snow flurries. My guests didn't want to leave the bus and subject themselves to the wind. This was great as they could photograph from the bus. Some snow blew in thru open windows, but we had enough protection to make this an exciting experience for the guests. I seldom photograph during the tours, but we were here a long time so I photographed over the shoulder of a guest for part of out stay there.

Calf and bison cow. The young are often called "red dogs" As the summer goes on, the coat will darken to match the adults.

The photos were not taken on the Solstice, but they are all late May\June photos and are being loaded on the blog on the Solstice.

I am sitting in a coffee place in Cody, Wy, looking out the window on the old Irma Hotel, built by Buffalo Bill Cody. This is my first "city" day since arriving in Yellowstone the third week of May. My refrigerator is empty, I needed a hair cut, and have some other errands to run.


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Don Peterson said...

Sheesh! I am jealous of your wildlife sightings. All I saw today on the coast was a harrier hawk and a buzzard. Although I did take a picture of what looks to be tiny beetle tracks in the sand near the Manila Dunes. Enjoyed your photos.

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