Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mediterranean Sea

This morning I had my first view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is only a short walk from the small hostal where I am staying in Malaga.

I started out quite pleased with the hostal. I have a private room, which overlooks the major pedestrian thoroughfare. It is small but comfortable and very clean. I have a shared bath, but since there are two of them, access has not been an issue. However, Carnival began yesterday. And the main events were on the street just below my window. Watching the activity was fun in the evening. It is a lively event, but definitely a family thing and nothing like the wildness of New Orleans Carnival. However, as all things in Spain, things don´t get going before at least 9 pm. and this was no exception. It was still going strong at 2 am, and there were even a few people still out at 4 am. I am hoping tonight will be a little quieter. I found some cotton for ear plugs. But if its still too noisy I will ask for a room away from the street. I love the view, BUT.

Today I visited the Picasso museum. Picasso was born in Malaga, although he left with his family when he was only 8. Still, this city is proud of its collection of his work and I enjoyed the museum. It is a lovely day so I hiked up to Monte De Gibralfaro and the citý´s ancient walled fortress and castles. Incredible views. The facility may not equal the Alhambra of Granada, but the views and juxtaposition of ancient with modern highrises and cruise ships is certainly a statement of today´s Spain.
Still fighting this darn cold. I was beginning to think perhaps it had developed into something more serious and I should get it tended to. But talking with kids at the hostel in Granada, the pattern of this one, which seems universal, is that while the worst symptoms go away, some of the symptoms last several weeks. I do feel better, even if my eyes still water and ears feel plugged if I don´t take decongestants. So, I will continue with that and lots of hot tea.

After finding my sense of direction seriously challenged in the last few cities, Malaga is a delight. There is the sea and a harbor and I find I can easily orient myself. I always found my way eventually, but sometimes it was definitely the ¨scenic route¨as Lin called those round about, winding scenarios.

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