Sunday, February 22, 2009


Morroco so far is extraordinary; with superb food: But the keyboards are a challenge for me. Many letters are reversed and punctuation is so different I cannot even find many of the symbols I normally use: I may find them on the keyboard but there are 4 symbols and figuring out which control key operates thqt symbol seems mind boggling: It has taken me qt least 4 times as long to write this short paragrqph as it would normally: Do not expect a lot of posts from Morocco: But I will keep notes and write a lot about this incredible place later:

Off to the souks and medina today: quite a ways away::::the king is in town and we got booted from our hotel for his entourage::::very high class hotel however; nicer than we were to stay in; but we will need a taxi to get there:

Enough: This keyboard is a true challenge

While the lobby area was elegant, like several places on the trip the toilet seats didn't fit the toilet and slipped around, wobbled and left one feeling quite unsettled. Better the traditional squat ones.

The food at the top right is ground camel, with lots of great spices. It was served in hollowed out bread with grilled tomatoes and onions.

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