Thursday, December 13, 2018

I've moved

Yes, I have moved.  But not very far.  The street address remains the same but I am now on site 412 instead of 303.   I am on a ridge.  My door, side window and patio look west.   It is open space dotted with oak, manzanita, and granite rocks.   Because of all that open space, this is a great spot to see wildlife.  Already the Western Bluebirds check out the old bluebird house on the lot.   The roof is split and the babies will get wet.  But I will have time to replace it and let them become accustomed to it, before it is time for next building.   I can sit on my patio and watch the sunset over the hills leading the the San Joaquin Valley.    If I walk to the front of my lot I can watch sunrise.

Besides the great views, the site is larger, and there is more open space around me.  I had some great neighbors in the other loop, but this spot puts me closest to Mary and Elaine who I met years before I got a lot in this park.  In fact, I came here for their wedding back in 2006.  Actually, they are away far more than they are here.

Moving one's home, when you live in an RV is pretty simple.  But the lots have sheds on them and somehow mine managed to fill up.  I was appalled at how much was in it.  I had moved some things before we had a heavy rainfall and I discovered the shed on the new lot leaked.   Our volunteers have been putting new shingles on sheds this year, but hadn't gotten to my neighborhood yet.  But, they made it a priority and it is finished and the old shed is cleared out, as of this afternoon.   But the new shed is just a pile of plastic containers and misc.   Previous owners built a loft so I can store things I don't need often up there and have more space to move around in.  UH OH.  More space means more room for stuff.    I have to promise myself to keep it open.

Here are some of the views of my new home base.    As always, I am not here in the summers.  The site has shade, just not as deep a shade as the old site.

The bird bath uses a small solar fountain to keep the water moving slightly

view looking northwest in the late afternoon.

Volunteer crew showed up early in the morning to re-shingle the shed roof.

Western Scrub Jay with acorn.   

Covey of California Quail.   

Acorn Woodpecker.  They are pretty and fun to watch as they drill the acorns into trees.
 The only problem is they also use our sheds.  The crew found a lot of them poked under the
 old shingles and in the eaves.  Every time I open the shed door, some drop on me.

The final photo is not taken in Park Sierra.   Coming back after Thanksgiving, we drove by this orchard in Fresno.  It was a grey day and the leaves were  vibrant.   

Peach Orchard the day after Thanksgiving.

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Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Your new lot looks great! Hopefully we can get together the next time we are there. We're still unsettled about getting a lot. There are a few rules and regulations we questioned. We just got to one of our favorite winter places, Anza Borrego.

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