Wednesday, December 21, 2016


                                     THE SOLSTICE

T’was the eve of the solstice, the air crackled with cold
Friends gathered round to celebrate traditions of old.
Not a cloud marred the sky on the year’s longest night
Against the black velvet, millions of stars sparkled bright.

Inside was all cozy and from the kitchen came scents
Assuring a merry midnight feast for all the ladies and gents.
Roast, potatoes, greens, plum pudding and wine
A feast of the season upon which the party would dine.

From out of the woods, all quiet and somber,
Came a line of robed figures, of twelve was their number.
 Flickering candles waved reflections on snow  
And to signal those inside came some drumbeats, low and slow.

The guests inside rushed to the windows and silence descended
A robed figured raised his arms and the twelve voices blended
“It came upon a Midnight Clear,” and then “Oh Tannenbaum”
Smiles lit faces, eyes sparkled and breathing was calm.

After 4 songs, and the briefest of pause, the host said “Come In”
We’ve been awaiting your songs.  Toss your hats in the bin.
 Cloaks on the beds, don’t cover the kids, come and be merry,
 Have a glass of hot cider, warm up and don’t tarry."

The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year,
Yet it is a celebration that the longer days are near.
Animals bed in warm winter dens while people dance under trees straight and tall.
The host raised his glass:  "Peace on Earth and Good Will to All."

  Our writer's group at Park Sierra had a prompt to write a winter poem in the style of "Night Before Christmas."  I am not a writer of poetry nor do I usually do rhymes, but I had fun doing this one.   

So, I wish you all Peace on Earth, and Good Will, and the recognition that the seasons change, the earth spins on its axis, difficult times pass, and we all look to friends for support and affirmation and hopefully return it ten-fold.

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