Sunday, January 18, 2015

Activities on my lot

I noticed one of the blocks below my shed was beginning to tilt.  I asked the maintenance crew to take a look.  In short order it was decided the old retaining wall needed replacing.   In this co-op, the responsibility for this work lies with the park, not the individual.  And so the work is all being done for me, at no cost, by volunteers  But then each of us in the park is expected to volunteer to help in its operations.  

I am still figuring out where my skills best fit.  But so far I have helped with the weekly cleaning of the club house, serving ice cream at the weekly ice cream social (not that that seems like much of a contribution), washing dishes after a potluck, and I have offered to be on the evening gate duty as a relief for others.   Someone needs to open the gate at night, after the office is closed, for emergency vehicles, for late arrivals, or guests of park residents.  As part of that, I am aiming my walks around different sections of the park so I learn my way around.  I've also joined the writer's group and a couple things have been said about helping with the park monthly newsletter.   We will see what transpires.

All of this happens only when I am there.  And that is how the park operates.  The majority of lot holders there are only there part of the year.  People come and go regularly and some, like me, will be there less than they are away.

Removing the old railroad ties

Ron Jones (known in the park as RJ) operates the backhoe

The volunteer crew begins laying the blocks for the new retaining wall below my shed.

I've planted California Poppy seeds along my lot.  They have come up in profusion.  If conditions are right, I should have quite a show.   But part of this effort means I must, rather than other volunteers, be responsible for weed eating the lot after they bloom.   Fire danger is a major issue.  This is not far from major fires in and around Oakhurst last summer.

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