Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the Safari

Leopard (Panthera pardus)
I have just returned from a safari  in South Africa.   There are eight blog entries related to the trip.  Some describe aspects of the trip which I made with my two cousin, Sharon and Bonnie and some friends.  Other entries are photo essays.   When you reach the bottom and it seems you can go no further, look for a tiny prompt for "previous pages."  Click there to continue reading and viewing.  That will navigate you from the Big Five blog entry to the others game animals to our stop over in Dubai.  Hope you enjoy.  
      You can enlarge images with a single click on the photo. Occasionally, and I cannot figure out why it does it sometimes and not others, the layout shifts and an image gets cropped
     I have thousands of images to continue to catalog.  These are chosen to give friends an overview. 


Anonymous said...

just beautiful. skin walkers sister, ann-marie

Don Peterson said...

What a wonderful experience this must have been to be in the same environment with these awesome creatures. The Photography is awesome too. Thanks for sharing your "exotic" adventure.

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