Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Garden Route and Tsikitikama National Park

We spent several days along the Garden Coast and the Tsitsikamma National Park region.   the images don't require much explanation so this is simply a gallery with a few brief comments and captions  to allow you to enjoy the scenery.

Garrett and Grace,twelve year old cousns.   They were one of two sets of  cousins in the group.  the other set, who are NOT 12 anymore, were the Maxfield set, Bonnie and Sharon (sisters) and me (2nd cousin). 

Tsitsikamma National Park

Some of our group on the suspension bridge at Tsitsikamma

This waterfall was below our lodge

Agricultural view along the Garden Coast

These are Blue Cranes.
 Cranes, ever since I discovered Bosque del Apache (New Mexico)
are among my favorite birds
The final set of photos are from Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens.  This was close to Cape Town, but ended up in this section of my blog.  It really doesn't matter.   Because it was winter the gardens were not in full bloom.  Still, it is a gorgeous spot, there were some blooms, an owl, and plenty of bird life.


This may look like our North American hummingbirds, but this one does not
hover as they do.  It is a member of the Sunbird family.

This quilt was in the gift shop at the Gardens.   

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