Monday, June 25, 2012

Countdown to Africa

All my bags are packed,
I'm ready to go.
I'm standing here.......

In reality the bags are half packed.  This afternoon I am going to spray my clothes with mosquito repellant, a type that lasts through 6 washings, in preparation for entering malarial areas on the safari.    But everything is selected, laid out and ready to go into two small bags.  One is carry on size, but will be checked due to the carry on limitations of carryon on Emeriates Airlines.   The other will be my photo daypack.   If that is overloaded with electronics, some will go in the photo vest I plan to wear onto the plane.  

Chris will drive us to the San Francisco airport on Saturday.   We are packed for three climates; very hot Dubai, cool and wet Cape Province and dry game safari areas which will be nippy in the mornings but shirt sleeve weather mid-day.  Won't be as nippy as my early morning starts in Yellowstone so I should handle this part fine.

This is a big adventure.  A couple of days in Dubai, then on to Capetown, South Africa.   We will spend some time in Cape Province, and then head to a couple of private reserves which border Kruger National Park.   I am traveling with my two second cousins, Bonnie and Sharon, and a group put together by a professional associate of Bonnie's.  There are 12 of us, and Bonnie knows most of them.   I hope to update my blog as I travel so keep an eye here for stories of our adventure.

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