Sunday, December 11, 2011

Introducing Chris

A change has occured in my life. I met Chris when he came to Yellowstone with three people I have known for a long time. But the romance waited until I returned to northern California to see my late husband's daughter, Jacque, who is in poor health.

Chris and I got together to discuss photography. But we found we shared a lot more than the interest in photography. And so I extend my stay in the Bay Area and we spent time getting to know each other better. On weekend trips we had fun exploring, looking for interesting places to eat, regaling each other with stories, photographing,and I taught him about life in a motorhome. And to give you an idea of my level of trust, I actually let him drive it....for a short bit.

And during the week I accompanied him to some of his work sites and, as he is a roofing consultant, I now know about flashings and water proof membranes and water tests and all kinds of things I never even thought about before. One project is the Moffit Hospital at UCSF and besides seeing the project I was the San Francisco skyline on a day with terrific clouds and sunlight. Its not a view most people get. I got to know his family, four generations of them, and he met my cousin and some of Lin's family.

We talked at great length about how we could balance his career with my nomadic lifestyle. It will be a challenge. He is coming to spend a week with me in one of my favorite, quiet spots in the Sonoran Desert over New Years and I am flying to the Bay Area and then on to Hawaii in January where he has a conference. We are talking, dreaming and researching other adventures. It is too late to add him to my African safari next summer, but we will do something fun on our own.

One of our trips was to Bodie for photographer's day. This one was already planned, through the Diablo Valley Camera Club before I arrived in the Bay Area. We handed one of our cameras to a passing visitor and asked him to take a photo of us, using the weathered wood as a backdrop. The ground must be uneven as he is a good deal taller than I am.

Chris with grandsons Conrad and Walter.

And finally, here we are, in a golf cart, on a golf course. WHAT? No I haven't taken up golf and neither has Chris. But we were asked to photograph a tournament. We had a great time, although my favorite photo of the day was of an egret on the course


stillhowlyn said...

It was so nice to meet Chris and have some time with you in Petaluma! Happy Holidays, Lynda & Howard

Don Peterson said...

Glad to read your updated. Much happiness to you and to Chris and a Happy Holiday to you both. I will be heading down to Lake Havasu City for the Balloon Festival in January. Take care and hope to see you two down the road some time.

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