Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teton Neighbors

This moose was a regular in the Gros Ventre campground in the Grand Tetons National Park where I stayed a week after completing my last tour in Yellowstone. A day after this photo was taken, he got into a fight with another bull over the local females. He ended up with a cut which looked to be in his eye, although the healing, which came quickly, showed the eye was okay. He also lost a piece of that antler.
Fights can get pretty rough. That rack of antlers weighs about 75 pounds.

The female, below, was more interested in browsing and scratching her neck on this old buck-and-rail-fence that she was in the male. The photo is small but you can click on it for a larger version.

Air quality was poor due to wildfires and prescribed burns. But this particular morning Teton peak showed from the campground with the siloutte of the bull moose. The little bright dot which looks at first glance to be his eye, is a willow leaf stuck to his hair.

The photos below actually belong with the previous blog....but ended up here. The first is a photo of Joe and I near the entry arch to Yellowstone. We were photographing pronghorn in the meadow. This photo and the next, of me taking the photo of the bison hair (see previous blog post) were taken by Chris Nelson. Joe and his wife, Mary, and Theron are old friends from the Diablo Valley Camera Days. Chris is Theron's son. This was an avid group of photographers, but not so serious about it that we didn't do a lot of laughing, kidding, and socializing.

Doug, my fellow photo guide, used to kid me about taking photos of bison hair....He should enjoy these photos and the lengths I went to to photograph the hair on the vegetation.

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