Monday, June 13, 2011

Milestone birthday

Some birthdays mark milestones. They might be decade markers, the quarter, half-century , and three quarter century markers, the year one is eligible for a driver's license or ability to legally drink.

This year marked two events. This afternoon after work I went to the visitor center and got my Golden Age Pass which allows free entry into National Parks, Forests, Corp of Engineer Parks and related and half-price camping in the same establishments. For my life style, this one-time $10.00 pass, good for the rest of my life, is the benefit of the century. What else gives you so much?

The other milestone was applying for Social Security. Last winter was a disappointment as I learned I am not eligible for a widow's pension due to my own public agency retirement, not a large one since I dropped out of the career race early. At thatvisit to their office in Phoenix they told me I didn't qualify for a social security pension on my own due to lack of quarters. I knew that was wrong since I had a letter, but not with me, from social security saying I had reached the necessary level. Well, this time it all worked out. Its not much, but it is something.
So, I guess all these events match my grey, growing white, hair.

And this grouse put on quite a demonstration on Saturday as I explored the finally opened roads of the park with three friends. I am sure he was looking for likely female grouse, but I will count it as a birthday present to me.

The four of us spotted 9 bears (three black bears and six grizzlies, a badger (rare sighting), elk, pronghorn, two moose cows with very young calves, this grouse, sandhill crane on her nest, bald eagle, bison, big horn sheep. For most of the animals we saw young as well as mature members of the species. Some wildflowers are coming out. With all the snow and rain, this should be a bumper year.

And speaking of snow, we have had plenty of it. But unlike my first year in the park where I awoke on my birthday to 7 inches of fresh snow fall, this year my day has been marked by heavy fog, some rain, and some sun.


Wandrin said...

A belated Happy Birthday and congrats on getting the geezer card.

stillhowlyn said...

Belated happy birthday, Betty! You now have most of the "tools" of our trade, with Medicare to come!! Lynda & Howard

Don said...

Happy belated birthday, Betty! If only we could belate birthdays themselves whenever we wanted to. Congratulations on getting your Golden Age Pass - I'm sure you will get the maximum use out of it. Also, as usual, enjoy your pictures.

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