Sunday, May 8, 2011

On the Road Again

I am in Fernley, NV., visiting and waiting out a storm. As always, I have allowed extra time to get to Yellowstone as spring storms with high winds and rain\snow are not unusual. Once it clears, I'll get myself across the state and into Idaho.

Here are a few photos from my journey between AZ and the Bay Area. It was a time of a lot of socializing. All the visiting meant my weight was not lower than last year when I saw the doctor, despite good intentions.

I won't list everyone I visited along the way.....that isn't interesting to those of you who don't know them, and those who I visited know I did. For those I missed this time, sorry. But I can't see everyone every year so I try to vary the visits. That is especially true once I reach the north Bay, where there are so many people I know from all the years I lived in the Bay Area and where Lin's family still resides.

But there were a few spring highlights. I saw two Boomer RV couples who are working full time and don't get out to some of the gatherings as often anymore. That was fun. And I got to Cousin Bonnie's birthday party. There are photos here of her, with all her balloons, entering the BART station after the party. We rode BART between her home in Albany and the party site at Maverick, a delightful restaurant in San Francisco.

Max and Harper are my cousin Bonnie's two beautiful grandchildren. These were taken in a nearby "pocket park" where Dad had them burn off some energy before the party, and at the party.

Joanne Alexakis on the beach near Ventura. Nick and Joanne attended the first Boomerang that Lin and I hosted, the infamous Pena Blanca Thanksgiving Boomerang. I hadn't seen them in several years so the visit with them in Santa Paula, CA was a good time.

I stoppped at the Escapee Co-op park near Oakhurst, CA. Besides seeing a number of friends, attending part of their annual Stage Coach Days celebration (the park is on the old stage coach road which some notables as John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt traveled. I made a side trip to Yosemite where there was plenty of water in the falls. I haven't seen it looking like this in years.

Ron Jones drove the tractor for tours of the Park Sierra Escapee Stage Coach Days event. I first met Ron and Val in a hospital room in Estes Park, CO. We had heard about each other, had mutual friends, but hadn't met face to face before that day. Lin landed in the hospital with problems (drug interaction exacerbated by elevation) and, as soon as he was on oxygen was feeling just fine. Friends Bill and Jaimie Hall checked, and when we said he was up to guests, they came along with Ron and Val.

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ourbusandus said...

Hi Betty, with all the storms still hitting up north, I certainly hope summer will come to the high country. I know there have been past years that it stayed cold all summer, hope this won't be one of them! I also hope the government can get its act together and not have any shutdowns for the foreseeable future, or a lot of people will be out of work, not to mention disgruntled tourists. Travel safe and watch out for those storms!

Hugs, Sharon & Ron

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