Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doorways in Ecuador

Doorways, doors, windows, and gates always intrigue me. I first fell in love with photographing doorways in Mexico. Then, as I traveled in the southwest US, in Spain, and in Morocco I began seeing the Moorish influence as it moved to Spain and Spain's former colonies.
I think the most interesting door is the one with the hand of Fatima door knocker. This is seen on almost every door in Morocco, a symbol of Fatima, wife of Mohammad. It is interesting to see it has survived the Inquisition and I found one in Ecuador.
I have hundreds more doorway photos. I will share only these in the blog.

Ted and AnaMaria ordering lunch in Quito
Yellowstone staff will be amazed at the two photos below. Ted is actually opening and closing a gate. We were visiting AnaMaria's cousin in the country. This gate led into the courtyard of the farm. For non-Yellowstone staff, the joke is that Ted is the "Doorman" at the Lake Hotel. But he is so busy"showing people the photo of himself as a "jammer" back in 1965 or chatting with folks, that most people have to open the door for themselves! Certainly staff have to open it to get in.

This is the hand of Fatima door knocker.

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