Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Greetings

May the holidays, whatever ones you celebrate this time of year, be filled with joy, with reflection, with thankfulness.

Another year is almost gone. For me the year meant new friends and time with friends of old. It meant new places and a return to favorites. It meant the loss of my Aunt Aloha, my Dad's older sister and last relative on my Dad's side. It was a year of photography, working in Yellowstone, sunshine, storms, wildlife, good meals with friends, good books, good conversations, walks in the deserts and woods, and dreams of new travels.

Rather than reiterating the year, I invite you to scroll down through the blogs I've written this year. there are plenty of photos of everything from grizzly cubs playing, moose, Yellowstone in winter, scenes at Bodie, some of my favorite camping spots, some of my publications this year, and more. Just below this entry are the most recent blogs. The next page (at the end of this section, click on "older posts" which will take you into the summer in Yellowstone, and the page before that includes spring wildflowers, winter trip to Yellowstone, and storms in the desert last winter.

So, take a look. I just learned that you can enlarge any of the photos for a closer look by double clicking on the image. In order to fit the blog, the resolution is downgraded a bit, so they may not be spectacular, but it gives you a chance to see the photos larger and look at details you may want to see, things like claws on grizzly bears, details of reflections in Bodie windows, fields of flowers.

Since I rushed didn't take time to do a blog between the wildflowers of the desert and my arrival in Yellowstone, I would be remiss without mentioning that my cousin (actually our mothers were cousins so that makes us second cousins or cousins once removed or some such) and I celebrated her birthday on May 1 by staying in a delightful little hotel in downtown Benecia, CA. Both the rooms and the dining room of the hotel have been nicely restored and an added treat was the fact the first weekend in May is a big arts open house in town. Great fun. I visited Bryce and Lisa at their new place near Fernley, NV and then took Hwy 80 across....not the most exciting route. Loved the Loneliest Highway the year before, far more. But I did have a deadline!

Wishing you all the best in 2011.


Jaimie Hall Bruzenak said...

Happy holidays to you too! You have some gorgeous photos of your travels. Sounds like an eventful and fun year.

Jaimie and George

Dan said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. I think you lead the winter Photo Safari out of OF. Hope it is OK to post this Q on your blog, as I don't know another way to reach you. In February I plan to do that photo trip. Do you have any advice in preparation for the experience? Like your top list of things that participants forget to bring, or that limit what participants can do? I shoot raw, but maybe there are filters essential for snow, etc. Was in YNP in summer, & had to always be ready for long lens & quick action re mammals and birds -- are we likely to focus more on landscape? Thanks.

Veronica said...

Hello Betty,
I believe we met at the NAI Conference in Las Vegas. I've been meaning to get hold of you to see where your travels have taken you, etc, but somehow I managed to lose your info! I'd love to hear from you and I hope all is well.

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