Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall in Yellowstone

Fall means mist rising on Yellowstone River and Lake, elk bugling, icy cold mornings and sunny days with a brisk feel. It can also mean snow. This morning scene is at Fishing Bridge, just a mile or so from where I live in the park. Some mist is visible in the very background. From this spot I have seen beaver, river otters, muskrat, white pelicans, osprey, bald eagles, and cutthroat trout. I have had to make a hasty exit when bison chose to cross on the bridge rather than swim the river. I've seen weasel, elk, mule deer, and grizzly bears in and around the bridge area.
My last week in the park included exceptionally beautiful Fall weather. A little nip, but generally shirt sleeves during the day, a final night BBQ with some of my friends who live in the dorms. I spent a day and a half in the Tetons where Fall color was at its peak. Ana Maria and Ted and sister, Suzy, shared their motel room with me. I would have stayed a full two days but got a call that another driver had called in sick the day before and they weren't' sure she would be there for the evening tour on Sunday. I hurried back, only to find out she had come to work....that is the breaks, and I did get two hours call out pay, but I left a Black Bear feeding on berries which I hoped would soon move out of the shrubs and into the open. I got plenty of grizzly photos this summer but few Black Bears.

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