Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow! In Las Cruces?

One does not expect snow in Las Cruces, N.M. A bit on the surrounding mountains perhaps, but not in town. But check out the photos I took Friday morning (Dec. 4) at Stephanie and Paul Bernhagen's house.

Bernhagen's are former full-time RVers who built their house in Las Cruces a few years ago. They made sure they left an area for RVing friends to pull in and visit. Great hosts, we visited the Winter Fest, although it was bitterly cold and turnout was poor. We had fun though. There were open houses in the art galleries with food, live music and some great displays. The next morning we enjoyed the open air art market and had lunch in a new bbq spot.

The front of Paul and Stephanie's house
I first met Bernhagens in Livingston years ago. Besides sharing a table for the Thanksgiving dinner, a group of us went to "Florida's Kitchen," the great local bbq spot. The new place in Las Cruces was as good.

Stephanie was great help to me on a photo book project. A great visit, even if they did drop temperatures to the very low 20's, forming icycles on the side of my motorhome. Schools cancelled classes that Friday due to snow and ice. Northerners and all my mountain friends will look at this snow and laugh. But it is all about what you are used to, and folks in Las Cruces are not used to these conditions.

this is not normal for palm trees
Octotillo covered in snow

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